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Breed Standard

COLOUR: Colour must be red, deep for preference. A sandy colour is an objection though not a disqualification. White markings are permissible on females on the udder attachment only, and on males on the extreme upper part of the scrotum. A white or silver-hared brush of the tail is permissible.

SIZE: Males: Skeletal or frame size should be medium to large. With good height, a balancing length and adequate body capacity is required together with depth of rib, substantial bone and a symmetrical leg size to fit this body. Females: Skeletal size should be comparative to the male, with ample scale for age (not coarse) with plenty of length and width, particularly from hips to back.

HEAD: Masculine and strong in the male, feminine and refined in the female. Head should be broad, of moderate length, and slightly dished. The eyes should be full, wide apart, well hooded and placid; the nostrils wide and open; the jaws should be wide, deep and strong (not undershot or overshot). The poll should be well defined with ears well set on the head and of medium size. There should be no evidence of horns or scurs.

NOSE: The nose should be flesh coloured. Should it be black or blue this is a disqualification. Any black or blue spots constitute an objection according to their size.

THROAT: Clean and free from excessive loose skin.

NECK: Males: of medium length, muscular, with moderate crest, spreading out to meet the shoulders. Females: Female's shoulders should be smooth and sloping, well filled behind and not open at the top.

CHEST: Obvious, but not excessive, broad and clean with minimum of loose skin.

RIBS: Well sprung from backbone, neatly joined to crops and loins, bones well covered. Rumps long from hip to pin bone, broad level and full. Pin bones should be set wide apart.

HINDQUARTER: Full, thick and muscular showing greatest thickness through stifle area.

TAIL: Should come neatly out of the body and hang at right angles to it.

LEGS: Forelegs well apart and straight with strong cannon bone of moderate length and with muscular forearm. Hindlegs slightly inclined forward below the hocks with clean strong flat bone. Hocks correctly set, strong and clean cut. Legs should be well placed on the corners of the body and relatively wide apart. Length of leg to be in proportion to size and length of the animal.

FEET: Feet should point straight ahead, with short straight toes of equal size and deep heels.

FLESHING: Deep, smooth and firm, without patchiness, with smooth even fat cover.

SKIN: Soft, loose and pliable of moderate thickness covered with good quality fine hair.

SHEATH & SCROTUM: Should not be loose or pendulous. Testicles of moderate to large even size, and hanging freely without twist, with well developed rudimentary teats in front of the scrotum.

UDDER: Should be well developed, being long from front to rear, wide and deep, but neither pendulous nor fleshy. It should be firmly attached, extending up behind and forward in front. The quarters should be even, the sole level with no excessive undulation between teats. The teats should be of medium size, neither too long nor too short, but very slightly tapering, set evenly in the centre of leach quarter of the udder and pointing to the ground.

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