Williamsburg Gallery Association Collectors' Tour
Tour led by Lynn del Sol

Run Date: One Night Only

Opening Reception: Saturday March 7th 2009 8:30pm

Meet at Jack the Pelican Presents
487 Driggs Ave. Brooklyn NY 11211

For additional information, a price list, hi-rez images, and/or an artist press kit, please contact us.

On Saturday, March 7th, participating galleries, in partnership with Armory Week, will open their doors late into the night, revealing secret works, secret stories, and secret nooks. CTS director Lynn del Sol will be leading one of the three Collector's Tour groups on Saturday March 7th at 8:30pm. The group will meet at the infamous Williamsburg gallery Jack the Pelican Presents where we will explore this 2,000 square foot space with its impressive back room. From there we will set off on foot to visit Black & White Gallery, Front Room, Parker's Box, Art Break Gallery, HQ, and the Hogar Collection (see map).

Pick up a neighborhood map at our Armory Art Fair Information Table, or visit us at our WGA Booth at Bridge Art Fair! For any further information please visit WGA.

Join us Saturday, March 7th, for these amazing events and more 6:30-11:00pm! Schedule of Special Events 03.07.09 In Partnership with Amory Arts Week. Williamsburg galleries open their doors till 11pm to the public for free. Look for the red lights dotted in the neighborhood to help you identify the participants

7:00 - 9:00 - Specials at Williamsburg Restaurants and Bars
3pm - Family & Kids Tour - Family-friendly events and kid-appropriate art for junior art lovers! Check in at Ch’i Contemporary Fine Art (293 Grand Street, btwn. Roebling and Havemeyer)

6:30-7:30 - Urban Street Art Tour Led by Steve Harrington
Check in at Front Room Gallery (147 Roebling Street, btwn Metropolitan and Hope)

7:30 - Press Tour
A special tour for members of the press.
Led by Merrily Kerr of New York Art Tours and Time Out New York
Check in at OULU (160 N4th st btwn Bedford and Driggs)
3pm - Family & Kids Tour –Check in at Ch’I Contemporary Fine Art,HQ, Art 101-Free

7:30 – Collectors’ tour #1 – Check in at Like the Spice Gallery-Led by Lacey Fekishazy)

8:00 – Collectors’ tour #2 – Check in at Point at Slate Gallery- Led by Gillian Wilson

8:30 – Collectors’ tour #3 - Check in at Jack the Pelican- Led by Lynn del Sol


Tours Only are $12 / Tours & Party are just $20, Tours, Party & Mr. Brainwash Print are $100 ( only 50 available) You can purchase tickets at the check in points or to purchase in advance please click here.



about the association: The Williamsburg Gallery Association aids and encourages the public presentation of local and international art in the vicinity of greater Williamsburg as an integral and necessary component of an ongoing creative dialogue. Toward this end, we promote the art venues of Williamsburg through public programs, advertising, and collaborative events that reach out to both the general public and to the visual art community citywide and beyond. Our aim is to bring the dynamic creative activity of greater Williamsburg to the attention of the world.

about the curator: Born and raised in New York, Lynn del Sol currently lives and works in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. In late 2003 she left the commercial art world and set to create a vehicle for expletory artists to exhibit their works to the public by founding {CTS} creative thriftshop, a young art company that represents international emerging and under-represented artists. Actively organizing over twenty nomadic exhibitions and events a year, you can find her constanly on the go from Istanbul to Buenos Aires, Basel to Berlin, New York to Miami. She has co-curated the 51st Venice Biennale, worked as a volunteer in the education department at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), held directorship at Jack the Pelican Presents and title of co-curator at Xanadu* Gallery in New York City. She was recently invited to become a board member of the Williamsburg Gallery Association (WGA).

About the galleries we will be visiting:
about the gallery: Jack the Pelican Presents Go to Jack the Pelican to see something the likes of which you have never seen before. The gallery, founded in 2002, discovers and nurtures local Brooklyn artists and others from around the world, who have not yet had the chance to expose their work in New York. One- or two-person shows lasting five weeks allow viewers to come to a fuller understanding of each artist's unique vision.

about the gallery: Black & White Gallery Located in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, Black & White Project Space is a non-profit art organization committed to production, presentation and promotion of innovative and audience-engaging site-specific installations otherwise in danger of under-representation. Our mission is to preserve and further develop the creative environment by bringing socially conscious art to a wide audience and offering substantial resources to artists.

about the gallery: HQ supports several functions. It is an art gallery with a specific interest in sculpture, architecture and process-based artwork. HQ is the headquarters for the Eh-Team art collective, HQ is often a sort of faux retail outlet, continuously packaging and repackaging itself as a store that offers nothing for the casual shopper. Finally, HQ functions as an Interior Architectural office. Like a Swiss army knife with a storefront window, all of the above functions fold up into a modest sized gallery space called HQ.

about the gallery: Front Room Since 1999 The Front Room Gallery has been dedicated to exhibiting artwork from emerging and mid-career artists with a concentration on photography, conceptual art, video, audio art, and installation. The Front Room shows works that are at times ephemeral, conceptual or noncommercial in nature and supports programs that include "The Banner Project" (public exhibition space) and "Multiples and Editions" (featuring works by national and international artists.)

about the gallery: The Hogar Collection is a gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that represents promising emerging and mid career American and International artists working innovatively in all contemporary art-making practices including painting, sculpture, photography, installation, video and sound. Since it's inception in 2003, the gallery's aim is dedicated to the promotion of new art, dialogues, perspectives, and strives to be a venue that reflects the diversity of our ever changing world