Slick Paris 09
Group Show featuring Victoria Campillo, Jack Balas, Ryan Wolfe, Kathleen Vance,
Ron Rocco, and Ruth Marshall
Art Fair #103

Run Dates: October 23rd-October 26th 2009 11am-8pm
Preview: October, Thursday 22nd 2009 2-6pm
Vernissage October, Thursday 22nd 6-11pm (by invitation only)
Location: Slick Paris
Directions: 104, rue d’Aubervilliers ou 5, rue Curial, Paris 19.
Metro n° 7, Stalingrad

For additional information, a price list, hi-rez images, and/or an artist press kit, please contact us.

{CTS} creative thriftshop is proud to present EAST Meets WEST during the Slick Paris fourth edition of its global art fair from October 23rd through October 26th 2009. As the art world completes its rounds of fall events from Shanghai to Moscow, London to Paris, we at CTS have prepared an exciting group show of eight international emerging artist under the inspiration of our partner gallery's amazing new program The East West Project where we hope to engage in an international exchange, where the art on view will prove in stone, that good taste and timeless work speaks a dominant international language.

As the generational gap closes, so does the geographical gap of the art world. Undimmed and bright eyed galleries and art fairs who have been calculating the gloomy net impact of subscribing to a single location or a simple brick and mortar situation find them sleeves in the most advantageous positions.

Marking one spot on the map with a shiny beckon that reads "art mecca" is simply not conducive to art, and especially not healthy for the longevity of culture. The grand pilgrimage is no longer a physical one, nor a solo one, but one of global hands coming together from all folds (yes, with a lot of help from a little something called goggle maps, frequent flyer miles, and freight shipping), but over the last ten years the world has become much small and we have been busy working on knitting the fabric of a much larger and better support system; where important art will be seen, heard and circulated for the great benefit of nearly 7 billion. This is a good thing, a very good thing. And while we galleriest may have to bow down to our combined failing economies for inducing this global initiative, our artwork certainty will not.

Front and center on display is our dear Victoria Campillo, a female photographer from Barcelona who is best know for her witty and contemporary take on the artist personalities and relational objects. Ryan Wolfe joins us from the west coast of the US. He is best know for his contradictory cyborgish organic installations. Kathleen Vance an American working in Berlin creates an instant heart tugging classic by tenderly packing small travel size plots of land inside old steam ship lugged trunks, the most sincere travel companion. Eric Doeringer and Jack Balas both poke fun at the market structure of the art world but do so in completely different ways. Eric the infamous bootlegger mocks the market by re-creating tiny bite size copies of the most well known contemporary work at an eighth of the cost, while Jack gingerly and perhaps a bit sarcastic takes liberties by replacing his own works for those of the established in wonderful pen and ink loose copies of art world advertisements.


A special thanks to those of us who make the world a smaller place.
Ego Gallery (Barcelona), Galerie Open (Berlin), Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery (New York)

about the gallery: CTS is quality art on the move. Championing provocative content driven work by local and international mid-career, underrepresented, and emerging artists in all media. Our goal is to build an infrastructure that knows no boundaries, one that carries the torch of modernism acting as a vehicle for dreamers, a cultural meeting place for great minds, an international community of interconnectivity and expandability.

about fair: For it’s fourth edition, Slick is growing!  Covering over 4,000 m2, Slick is expanding to better welcome 62 French and International galleries. Slick reaffirms itself as an audacious platform for the emerging art scene, open to all artistic disciplines from around the world. It’s a place where we create and contemplate, meet and exchange, debate and express surprise, take a stroll or take a first step, and enjoy ourselves through new discoveries and with renewed enthusiasm.

  Installation View: Slick Paris, Paris France. 2009
Image courtesy of {CTS}creativethriftshop, New York
Installation View: Slick Paris, Paris France. 2009
Image courtesy of {CTS}creativethriftshop, New York
Installation View: Slick Paris, Paris France. 2009
Image courtesy of {CTS}creativethriftshop, New York
Victoria Campillo, Army, 2009, lambda print, edition of 3, 40x40in (100x100cm)
view avilable work. Image courtesy of {CTS}creativethriftshop, New York & Ego Gallery, Barcelona
Victoria Campillo,The Last Supper, 2008, lambada prints, edition of 3, 40x40in (100x100cm)
view avilable work. Image courtesy of {CTS}creativethriftshop, New York & Ego Gallery, Barcelona
  Jack Balas, Muse/Museum Series , 2006-08, watercolor and acrylic on paper, 15x23in (38x59cm)
view avialable works. Image courtesy of {CTS}creativethriftshop, New York
Ryan Wolfe, Sketch of a Field of Grass, 2005, individual programmed motherboards, motors, sand, wire, artificial grass, series of 10, dimensions variable
view available works Image courtesy of Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery Brooklyn, Berlin
  Kathleen Vance, Traveling Landscape,
Image courtesy of Galerie Open, Berlin
  Big Cat Series, 2007-2009, knitted yarn bamboo and string, size varies.
view available work. Image courtesy of Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery Brooklyn, Berlin
  Eric Doeringer, Bootleg Series, 2001, acrylic on canvas, 8x10in (20x25cm)
view available work Image courtesy of {CTS}creativethriftshop, New York.
  Ron Rocco, POW 1-4, 2008, antique glass perfume bottle and steel resin cast element, each approx. 4x3x3in (10x8x8cm)
view avaiable work. Image courtesy of {CTS}creativethriftshop, New York.