Fantastic Nobodies
Video Premiere
Curator Eric Laine of Bipolart

Run Date: One Night Only
Opening Reception: Feburary 27th 2009

58 N 3rd St. Brooklyn, NY. 11211(btw. Kent & Wythe)
RSVP: 718-384-1369 $5, $10 minimum

For additional information, a price list, hi-rez images, and/or an artist press kit, please contact us.

The Fantastic Nobodies are pleased to present a night of video premieres on four screens and a full range of live music by local extended members of the collective. The evening is divided into two parts: seating, screening, followed by acoustic music beginning at 8pm for dinner and, after an intermission, the party commences at 10:30pm by clearing tables for a larger capacity with two energizing music acts. As a venue, Monkeytown provides a bar/ restaurant area in the front, as well as the main lure of a screening room in the back, where four screens surround a Japanese style seating arrangement with low tables for dining while watching the show. Reservations are highly recommended for the dining portion of the show in the back. Monkeytown has had many a night where the back room also transforms into an audio visual club specifically to heighten the live musical experience.

8pm (supper portion, reservations are recommended)
*Selected work from Kinga Kielczynska including the premiere of her new short film for the Modern Life of the Soul art cult

*Selected videos from the Fantastic Nobodies collective and members’ solo work: edits from the
"Operation Shitstorm" invasion of Berlin last summer on behalf of brot.undspiele gallery featuring footage from the Living Frame pt.1 during the exhibition and exciting peripheral scenes from moments in and around the German capitol. Solo works by collective members include psychedelic edits by Marc Grubstein, experimental video by Daniel Joseph, and super 8 shorts by Steve Johnson featuring a live musical score.

*Live musical performance for the dinner portion will be Andrea Hansen aka Painting Soldiers whose singer/ songwriter shows are a cult urban legend in the Tri-State Area for her sublime and melancholic delivery.

10:30pm (the party portion, larger capacity)

*Premiere of the collaborative Modeselektor music video "Arri" produced by Berlin's Pfadfinderei digital media collective featuring the Fantastic Nobodies performing inside their own Living Frame Project.

*After kicking off the club night with dance music video on four screens, Hisham Bharoocha aka Soft Circle is slated to play with his high energy experimental show accompanied by visuals. Through modern technology he creates a way to perform on his own, recording and looping sounds live, adding drums and singing. Bharoocha started out making tribal/electronic/ambient anthems that forged paths between the spirit world and the human tribes of past and present.

*The night tops off with premiere of Manup! Awesome, an original electro rap duo featuring local star MC Tes and producer Romanoff, whose Brooklyn electro dancesound is toned down for strength on the mic. Think Boards of Canada with dirty south elements and vetted NY rapping on top. DJ ing, fantnob, and Tes will close out the night with dance music and hiphop classics.

* Special thanks to Alex Eagleton of thesamenicepeople for hooking up the performance space and Lynn del Sol for making it official and presenting the Living Frame pt 2.


Fantastic Nobodies,
Art & Cash, 2008, HD SD Version, 5:39.
Director Codec of Pfadfinderei. A Pfadtastic Modebodies production
Image courtesy of {CTS} creative thriftshop, New York
about the artist: What began 10 years ago as party antics and costume wearing became, in the course of a decade, via relentless Bush Era disillusionment, a highly developed and unique artistic language, if not a cult of urban legend. The Fantastic Nobobies are a cast of performance characters who have collaborated together to create remarkable fusions of art and life. Acting as reflective mirrors for each other’s creativity, the collective has fostered great breadth of production including: performance, infiltrations, social sculptures, situations, happenings, road-trips, cooking, photography, installations, video, music, poetry, painting, and drawing.

about the musican: Modeselektor is an electronic music band formed in Berlin, featuring Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary. In 1999 Modeselektor signed its first remix contract and began working with Pfadfinderei, a Berlin based VJ and design collective. In 2000 Modeselektor met Ellen Allien, making BPitch Control their home label. Modeselektor has also been involved in collaborative efforts; Moderat - a musical collaboration between Modeselektor and Apparat, Pfadselektor - a music/visual collaboration between Modeselektor and Pfadfinderei, and with Rhythm & Sound's Paul St. Hillaire. They have produced sound installations at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and lectured at the Merz Akademie in Stuttgart.

about the director:Pfadfinderei [ f?:d'f?nd?:ra? ] is a design bureau operating on an international level. From motion design productions to the visualisation of events - Pfadfinderei offers a spectrum that crosses the boarders between functional design demands and advanced multimedia art. Finding and visualizing paths was the approach that led to the name Pfadfinderei (engl. pathfinders/boyscouts). Starting off in Berlin in 1998 as a vector orientated design bureau, Pfadfinderei soon expanded to what might be called an enhanced multimedia Wurstfabrik. The big passion of Pfadfinderei's members has always been live visualisation of music. Back in the days they were VJing in various Clubs, nowadays they are planning, creating and performing visual installations on an international level.

about the curator:
Bipolart launched in 2007 as an independent curatorial outpost with a growing portfolio site for selected artists. A contention of Bipolart is that exhibiting diverse work side by side fuels discourse toward a progressive reception of art. Dialectical tension from such a curatorial process underlines the 'bipol.art' distinction.

about the gallery: Monkeytown was conceived and founded in May 2003. They have created a permanent space that privileges video art, short films, feature-length films and documentaries, outside traditional galleries, movie theaters, museums, or clubs. We also host live music, dance and other original performance. We will commission surround sound installations and continue our 'Bathroom Sound Series'. They serve experimental cuisine and classic dishes from a country that doesn’t exist. Every cuisine and every ingredient are in play. The laboratory is open.