19th Annual Bailey House Auction
featuring Guerra de la Paz, Justine Reyes, Ward Yoshimoto, Russell Nachman, Jamie Adams, and George Jenne

Date: February 26th, 2007
Location: The Puck Building
Directions: 295 Lafayette St. #705, New York, NY

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Join hosts Simon Doonan and Tim Gunn for an unforgettable evening at the 19th Annual Bailey House Auction and Party. Bid on one-of-a-kind items at a variety of price points—including contemporary art & photography, vintage furniture, dream vacations and experiences, personal services, designer jewelry, and high fashion. Sip a cocktail, mingle, people-watch. Also, make a difference in the lives of men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS.

{CTS} creative thriftshop has offered works by the following artist: Guerra de la Paz, Justine Reyes, Ward Yoshimoto, Russell Nachman, Jamie Adams, and George Jenne


about the foundation: For 25 years, The Bailey House has been providing housing and support services to homeless men, women, and children living with HIV/AIDS in New York City. They address the fundamental human needs—housing, food, safety and we deliver comprehensive and compassionate support services, including access to healthcare, counseling, support groups, and substance abuse treatment. Free from the pressure of basic survival, Bailey House clients can begin to develop a sense of trust, community, and stability. Empowered by resources including education, job training and employment assistance, they can begin to craft a future of their own making. Time and again, they are witness to profound transformation, as dignity is restored and clients move beyond the crisis of diagnosis to lead productive and independent lives.

about the gallery
: CTS is quality art on the move. Championing provocative content-driven work by local and international mid-career, underrepresented, and emerging artists in all media. Our goal is to build an infrastructure that knows no boundaries, one that carries the torch of modernism acting as a vehicle for dreamers, a cultural meeting place for great minds, an international community of interconnectivity and expandability.

about the artist: Guerra de la Paz is the composite name that represents the creative team efforts of Cuban-born artists, Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz. What began as an idea for two individual artists to share a working studio in Miami's Little Haiti, has become an ongoing collaboration that has evolved into constant experimentation.

about the artist: Justine Reyes lives and works in New York. Reyes' work revolves around issues of identity, history and time; and our relationship to these themes in a post 9/11world. Using photography and installation, she examines family, the idea of leaving and returning home, and the longing to hold on to things that are ephemeral and transitory in nature.

about the artist: Ward Yoshimoto commingles American and Japanese traditions and craftsmanship in his deft assemblages of found objects. Referencing Dada, Surrealism, and Pop, as well as the turbulent social and political landscape of his youth, Yoshimoto’s wry constructions address an ongoing history of cultural displacement with equal parts iconoclastic brio and meditative, almost obsessive rigor.


about the artist: Russell Nachman grew up in the 1970s, witnessing the decay of 1960's idealism. His work is a meditation combining personal and cultural history on utopian dreams in two parts: landscape and meta-narrative. The landscapes are environments of mental habitation (visually inspired, in part, by progressive rock album art of the 1970s) filled with icons and talismans that have specific function/relevance, but are inert - lost.

about the artist: Jamie Adams His artistic impulses have led him to the solitary processes of drawing and painting and the strategy of figuration. Modes of expression, such as these, which advance notions of authorship and singularity, while requiring a great deal of attention to craft, can serve aptly as markers for desire and loss.

about the artist: Georg Jenne. His particular style and approach to art grew from the strange atmosphere of academia nestled in the traditional South. After graduating from Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Film/Video, George embarked a four-year stint in Los Angeles where he worked as a gaffer and cinematographer. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, where his focus has shifted to sculpture and installation.

Justine Reyes, Untitled (Blue Lagoon) from the Land's End series 2006, duratrane print in lightbox, 40x50in (100x125cm)
Image courtesy of {CTS} creative thriftshop, New York.
Guerra de la Paz, La Guardia, 2006 archival digital prints ed. of 5, 20x24in or 30x4in (51x61cm or 76x102cm)
Image courtesy of {CTS} creative thriftshop, New York.
Ward Yoshimoto,
Image courtesy of {CTS} creative thriftshop, New York.
Russell Nachman
Image courtesy of {CTS} creative thriftshop, New York.
George Jenne
Image courtesy of {CTS} creative thriftshop, New York.
Jamie Adams, Untitled (red head) conte on paper, 11x14in.
Image courtesy of {CTS} creative thriftshop, New York.