X-Men 198
Solo Show featuring Juan Doe
Curator Lynn del Sol

Run date: One night only
Opening Reception: Friday, July 21st, 2006; 7-10pm
Location: Jack the Pelican Presents
Directions: 487 Driggs St. between N.9th & N.10th Brooklyn, NY

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Cover artists in the world of sequential art with his propaganda smashing X-Men: 198 covers, Juan Doe follows up the series with an equally striking set of covers for X-Men: Civil War, one of the major tie-in titles to Marvel’s most seminal event of the year, CIVIL WAR.

“As the Marvel Universe is ripped apart by Civil War, the X-Men also find themselves affected by this universe-shaking event. Crumbling from the inside out, will the X-Men fold-up and admit defeat, or will they finally start to fight back?”

The mini-series stars four of the original X-Men—Cyclops, Iceman, Beast & Angel. For Juan Doe this was an opportunity to create his interpretation of some of pop cultures most well known and relevant superhero icons. Employing a vastly different approach than the 198 covers. Doe succinctly explores the ciphers and dynamics of the ‘Superhero cover’ with impressive illustrative execution and pure deft skill.

Juan Doe and CTS cordially invite all for the one night only event taking place at one of Brooklyn’s most innovative galleries, Jack the Pelican. Also on hand to sell copies of X-Men Civil War#1 will be Rocketship, the ultra progressive sequential graphics store located in Brooklyn’s beautiful Caroll Gardens.


about the artist: Juan Doe an artist that strains the boundary between painting, propaganda, polemics, and philosophical discourse in art. He encapsulated a new age aesthetic through his command of the graphic process but with the masterful execution of a painter. His images are non-negotiable, they cannot be interpreted or postponed; they exist now, for the oxygen of the viewers eyes.A recipient in 2007 and 2008 of an individual grant in visual arts from the Bronx Council of the Arts, he is represented in the Bronx Museum (New York).

about the curator: Lynn del Sol was born and raised in New York. She is the director and founder of {CTS} creative thriftshop, a young art company that represents international emerging and under-represented artists.Actively organizing over twenty nomadic exhibitions and events a year, you can find her constanly on the go from Istanbul to Buenos Aires, Basel to Berlin, New York to Miami Lynn was co-curator of the Lebanese Pavillion at the Venice Biennale in 2005 and has volunteered in the education department at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). She held directorship at Jack the Pelican Presents (Brooklyn, NY.) and at Xanadu* (New York, NY). She was recently invited to become a board member of the Williamsburg Gallery Association (WGA).

about the gallery: People go to Jack the Pelican Presents to see something the likes of which you have never seen before. The gallery, founded in 2002, discovers and nurtures local Brooklyn artists and others from around the world, who have not yet had the chance to expose their work in New York. One- or two-person shows lasting five weeks allow viewers to come to a fuller understanding of each artist’s unique vision.


Juan Doe, X-Men Civil War
Video courtesy of {CTS} creative thriftshop, New York.

Juan Doe, X-Men 198 Series (issue 1) 2006, archival digital print, single edition, 24x30in (61x76cm) Images courtesy of {CTS} creative thriftshop, New York Juan Doe, X-Men 198 Series (issue 2) 2006, archival digital print, single edition, 24x30in (61x76cm) Images courtesy of {CTS} creative thriftshop, New York
Juan Doe, X-Men 198 Series (issue 3) 2006, archival digital print, single edition, 24x30in (61x76cm) Images courtesy of {CTS} creative thriftshop, New York