Lives and works in Barcelona, Spain

Born Spain | 1957

Victoria Campillo is a kind of mad scientist, working in a dizzying almost schizophrenic pace creating series of photographs that number in the hundreds. The themes are limitless, countless, immune to repeating yet are based wholly on the idea of repetition.

Her work deals greatly with the unconscious science of visual recognition. Establishing the relationship between the eye and the mind ability and its gravity to process categorization and identification on a primordial level.

In many of her series - Intimacy (2001), Last Supper (2008), and Still Life (2006)- she establishes a formal relationship between our most important contemporary and modern artists, and everyday vernacular objects. Within the works she ask what would be the singular defining mark that would identify an artist without a moment of thought. What defines these great artistic personalities? And how can she, an artist herself, add to their well establish diction. Through the use of tongue and cheek antics she manages to not only trick our eye but to amuse our mind. Victoria Campillo is represented by {CTS} creative thriftshop, New York and Ego Gallery, Barcelona.

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