Lives and works in San Francisco

Born USA |

Sara Carter lives and works in San Francisco, California. A native of Houston, Carter attended the University of Texas and the San Francisco Art Institute where she received a B.F.A. Carter’s paintings are a contrast between light and dark. While color is equally as important as contrast, it is through the hue and value that a synergetic relationship between color, form and contrast is created. The layering of geometric forms in Carter’s work are used to convey space. Within this framework of constructed layers emerges a highly personal description of an environment charged with logical sequencing and subtle emotion.

Through the orderly use of color, form, and shape Sara Carter’s paintings conjure a sense of refracted space and time. Her paintings represent a place and time that exist primarily in the subconscious world. It is a place where the concept of painting is secondary to the emotive use of paint.

Through the illusory sense of a back ground, middle ground, and fore ground – Sara Carter presents a new formation of landscape. A landscape that is more akin to a fantastical realm, a foreign sound, and place that only a dream can create.

“People often think that they have to forego the full spectrum of expression for the sake of propriety. In my painting, I can not claim a difference between the conventional assumptions of light and dark. You can not have a whole without equal regard to both light and dark.”

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