Lives and works in New York

Born USA | 1977

Identity, history and time are the main subject matter explored in the artist work. A collective shift in perception has taken place since 9/11. We are living in a more global world then ever before and that forces many of us to reexamine our position in it. Not only our national identity but also how we view ourselves individually and the ways in which we relate to others has changed.

In Mask Series (2004) the artist raise questions that challenge western ideologies, norms and notions of freedom. In this work she blends the idea of the veil with the mask, both in terms of protection and aggression. She makes reference to the burkha, ski-masks, gas masks, SARS masks, hazmat gear and fetish masks. In the installation tentatively titled 3-20-03 to Present she uses the repetitive nature of crocheting to speak not only to the build up of time itself but also to the number of casualties and deaths amassed over time. During these times of war, terrorism, homeland security and global instability. She has felt increasingly powerless, frustrated and deeply saddened. This has in large part brought her to her most current bodies of work many of which include my family, the idea of leaving and returning home, and the longing to hold on to things that are ephemeral and transitory in nature.

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