Lives and works in Buenos Aires

Born Argentina | 1982

Her works could be placed somewhere between painting and sculpture. She started exploring this kind of work while studying at the university in a fellowship program with well-respected Argentinean painter Carolina Antoniadis.

The artist has been quoted as saying "I was always more compelled to make something rather than represent something”. The first experiments with this style of work came quiet by a mixture of chance and intuition. The artist started by simply collecting the leftovers from a dried up painters palette. She would than take to those mixtures of paint and color a scissor and knife to cut them up into circles and shapes, like that of little cells and making a formable body that could be placed as a sculptural unit on a wall in the same manner as a traditional painting would be. Through the years and much trial and error, she managed to develop what is today, a material very soft and sensuous to work with, "as if I was working with skin or flesh." The mixture of paint and polymers create something very tactile and at the same time something very hard and perfectly finished when it's completely dry, However the work retains its ability to glow with a wet like gleam as if it is something that is alive.

Ivana Brenner was born in 1982 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Through out her adolescence, she lived between the city of Buenos Aires and her family’s hometown of Baradero, in the countryside. She received a rigorous traditional education at the Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires, where she graduated with honors from Universidad de Buenos Aires (2004).

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