Lives and works in Mexico City

Born Mexico | 1978

There is a strange aura that surround Fernando Montiel Klint’s works. His shockingly bright colors, his classical posturing, cinematic lighting, and the complex emotional range of the participants, Fernando’s images are theatrical constructs. To watch them in their creation is to watch the photographer dance with light, participate and engage in disguise, allowing himself to be seen as he literally moves into the space of the scene. They are theatrical and bizarre, fictional performances, staged for the camera constructed in the computer.

His was a tragic start to life, traces of which can be found through out his portfolio. Fernando’s mother died as a result of an infection after Caesarian birth which went horrifically wrong. It is a moment he is not unwilling to make reference to. It is a shadow one sees throughout so much of his work, a presence that takes many different forms, an absent presence, impossible to ignore. So many of Fernando’s images hover on the edge of dysfunction, loss, suicide, madness... what saves them is their black humor. The artist crosses a multitude of taboos. The majority of these images are tragic, unrelenting fictions. No one, male of female, appears redeemable.

A grant recipient in 2004-05 for Younge Creators and a Honary Mention in the 12th annual Biennale of Photography (Mexico), he is repersented in the collection of Museum of Guandong (China), Texas State University (USA), and the Museum of Modern Art (Mexico).

-text in part provided by Trisha Ziff

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