Lives and works in Stuttgart

Born Germany | 1973

Anke Bauer makes the intrigued hunt their way in and out of her meticulously painted landscapes. Infinite, colorful, and a tad bit aloof, these curious tower-blocks, futuristic landscapes, Space-Shuttles, and idyllic crumbling villas impress upon the viewer a creeping sense of both utopian hopefulness and industrial uneasiness.

In many of her works the world seems distorted and disarranged, however, perhaps it has always been distorted and disarranged when looking in from as an outsider, as the artist often says she feels like. The spaciously laid-out roads and motorways give the impression that the cities are prepared for something grand to come down these boulevards... just nothing ever appears. People seem almost as an afterthought, little evidence of their footprint remains. Patches here and there of grass or water may appear but over all concrete has won the war in this world.

A recipient of multiply study abroad grants, she will be participating in her first American Museum exhibition at the Nueburger Museum (New York).

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