Lives and works in New York

Born USA | 1950

Amy Greenfield works within a framework that expands well beyond the confines of cinematic terms. Her experimental films sprout a medley of nerves; optic, poetic, kinetic... and exhibits that the human body is the best metaphor. She pulls deeply as a feminist, flirting with the abstract which enables the familiar, allowing reality to transcend perfectly through raw expressed movements. Her zooming and cutting lens integrates the viewer, allowing us to become a part of the traveling physicality.

Greenfield is a pilgrim of cindedance, and has been pushing the boundaries of dance and cinema since the early 1970s. Her first film " Transport" in 1971, was influenced by the contrast of the dead of the vietnam war and the beginning of our exploration into space. Her film projected two separate beings moving between the ground and a vast white sky, providing a feeling of being lifted by a duality of ironic symbiosis. Eventually they break and are thrown into new territory blindly together, but they never entirely meet. In many ways her films continue today in this earthy vein of opposing relationships where she is able to display these entwined dependencies by the organic attract and repel of her movements.

Greenfield has directed, produced, edited and often performed in more than thirty films, which has garnered her an impressive accumulation of awards from prestigious institutions, such as; Harvard University, Fulbright Foundation, and the Jerome Foundation. Her films have been shown at the Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum of American Art, the New York International Film Festival at Lincoln Center as well as in countless other countries such as Argentina, Japan, Canada, Italy, Istanbul and Israel.

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