Lives and works in New York

Born Chad | 1973

Alexander Reyna is inspired by the banal as much as he is by the profound. One 20th century argument about art’s relationship to contemporary culture proposes that art stands at the forefront of culture and works against kitsch. His work deals explicitly with our relationship with mass media and corporatized imagery.

If you ask him the artist will tell you he is "working in collaboration with corporations" and others who shape the culture given to us, but Zander is always subverting those authors original intentions and re purposing their "message" to better serve as a catalogue of what is culturally available to us and highlights technological mediums used to translate these ideas, but presents it in a form which is bound by the choice and aesthetic. The work is beautiful, profane, banal and horrific but always hyper-designed and superficial yet at the same time alluding to deeper layers of meaning.

Alexander Reyna has held professorship at The School of Visual Arts (SVA, New York -BFA/MFA program), Mercy College (New York-Assistant Professor) , as well as at New York University (NYU, New York-Master program). His award-winning work has been exhibited around the world, most recently in a solo show “False Flag” at Brot Und Spiele Gallery in Berlin, Germany and in New York with “Some Assembly Required“ at Pablo‘s Birthday Gallery. Features on Reyna’s work have appeared in NY Arts and Animal Magazine, and his work has been reviewed in The Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Melbourne Herald Sun, NY Arts Magazine, and The Village Voice. He has spoken often about his work including on WPS1 Radio, WCPN Cleveland, and at various Universities around the United States..

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